Chassis Guys

A vintage design for hot rod builders.

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We worked with the team at Chassis Guys to develop a website that would offer hot rod builders options in choosing the perfect chassis for their project.


In 2015 Chassis Guys set out to help offer solutions for consumers that were looking to purchase a chassis but didn’t know what options were available to them in the market. Having years of industry experience they are positioned to be a “go to” resource for those looking for a specific chassis.


Our goal from the start was to design an intuitive interface that gave visitors the option to learn more about the Chassis Guys and immediately find the right chassis for their project. We worked on a strategy that would create a user flow for site visitors that may be looking to find options based on their particular vehicle type.

The navigation is designed to funnel customers through a short and simple step-by-step process to not only find the right chassis but compare the available options from multiple manufacturers.




The fully-responsive and flexible framework of the website empowers customers with the tools and knowledge to feel they have options for investing in the right chassis for their project.

A touch of vintage style with a modern approach to the interface and user experience is now what represents the Chassis Guys.

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