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Creating a brand for an established practice.

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The Family Medicine Associates of El Paso is a family owned and run practice that was well established before reaching out to help create a brand identity. Our challenge was to create a unique visual representation of their practice, which had originally opened over 30 years ago, and develop an online presence through a new website for outreach to new patients.


Family Medicine Associates offer comprehensive primary care which encompasses a number of services. They pride themselves on working together with their patients to ensure their visit is a positive one and offer the highest level of health care.


We knew there was a need to create a fully cohesive visual representation of the FMA that would be used in a number of mediums such as internal documents, staff attire, online marketing and website design.

Our initial focus was on creating both a brand message and identity that represent who the FMA are and what they offer. Our strategy for the website was to ensure it wasn’t just another medical website that was overly content heavy. Visitors should be able to easily recognize who the Family Medicine Associates are and what services they provide.


Given the history that the Family Medicine Associates has not only with their patients but as a family owned practice we set out to create a brand identity that encompassed that. We found the brand slogan of “Let our family care for your family” was a perfect fit for who the FMA are and what they represent. This concept carried over when creating the logo design which is minimal but a stylistic representation of the slogan.


Having an understanding of who the target audience is gave us insight into how to create a site structure that lends itself well to both existing and new patients. To ensure a great user experience we designed the website to fully function responsively.

We found in our research that a large majority of medical website designs are overloaded with content and call to actions throughout the website. Our approach for the website design was to be as intuitive and simple as possible for both mobile and desktop visitors while giving the FMA full control over content through a customized WordPress admin.

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