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When Noteworthy told us that their fundamental goal was, “to play songs we think people will enjoy. A lot.” we knew we would be developing a mobile app and website that people enjoy using. A lot. The App Development, Web Development, and User Experience teams at FYD worked together to deliver a platform that reflects the adventurous spirit of Noteworthy’s listeners.


Noteworthy streams unconventional audio for people who are passionate about music. These are listeners who are not satisfied with the traditional choices available to them elsewhere. Noteworthy, as the name indicates, is anything but generic.


FYD worked with the Noteworthy from its inception. We knew that in order to carry out the vision of something entirely new, our strategy went beyond the technical aspects to include constant collaboration between our team and theirs. Together, we designed the digital journey to create the most authentic product for the brand’s future.


App Development

The stream. It’s all about the stream. The user experience for the app needed to be as intuitive as possible to lead listeners to what they want to hear quickly. This is especially imperative for the adoption of a brand new streaming service.

Developing the mobile app for both iOS and Android, the UI was intentionally designed to be unique, yet easy-to-use. The Noteworthy team provided us the features they wanted for the app (i.e. access to “Previously Played”) and our team tested the best combinations of directional swipes and positional taps to carry out those features. We wanted listeners to feel like they are tuning into a new kind of audio adventure as they navigate streams.


The collection of music and mobile app are not the only unique aspects of Noteworthy’s platform. There’s the website. A very custom build that is one of, if not the fastest websites we’ve enjoyed creating. Users can tune into a genre and continue navigating through the website without the slightest interruption to their current stream.

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