Jul. 18 2023

AI in Marketing

Outside of using AI to solve some pesky coding challenges, how can AI be utilized for marketing? First, let’s talk about how it works.

AI will collect data, learn behaviors, and analyze information to help achieve goals. For example, it can automate responses to your customers based on the interactions they have on your website or app.

Great, but how can AI be used for marketing purposes?

Media Buying

Google is already utilizing AI within Google Ads. Basically, AI will predict the most effective ad and media placements to reach a target audience to help maximize your ROI.

Email Marketing

Platforms like Hubspot and Mailchimp are integrating AI to help develop content based on industry, marketing intent, and brand voice.


AI algorithms can analyze website traffic, identify keywords, and track competitors’ activity to help develop ideal content for your website to increase rankings.

Where to now?

While major brands like NetflixSpotify, and Amazon are utilizing AI in marketing, there are numerous tools available for you to apply to your own processes.

  • Google Bard – Questions about Google platforms? No better source than Google itself to ask questions.
  • ChatGPT – There’s always a window open to solve coding issues.
  • Stable Doodle – Need a quick graphic based on your own doodle? This is a fun option.

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