Jan. 22 2019

Less is More: Designing with User Experience Goals

Keep things simple and your users will thank you.

Setting user experience goals can greatly increase the success of your website. People typically visit a website looking for something specific. Your primary goal should always be to serve up what they’re after. Quickly.

Recent industry benchmarks show that for every 1 to 3 seconds a website has to load on mobile your probability of a bounce increases 32%. Every 1 to 5 seconds it’s up to 90%. As soon as they hit “Go” to visit your site the clock is ticking. So when it comes to what they see simplicity is the key. That rhyme was indeed intentional.

Setting User Experience Goals

Every project is different when it comes to executing ideas but we always start with asking what our client’s goals are. The strategy, design, and development all follow what goals we’ve set to achieve. Regardless of the industry you’re in, setting your user experience goals can be simple. Here are a couple points to consider:

  • Accessible
    Users should be able to find the information they’re looking for quickly. Try to condense the options they’re initially presented so they find the high level information first and can choose where to venture off to next.
  • Intuitive Design
    Remember the simplicity is key rhyme? Your users should have to give little to no thought into how to interact with your content. They should just find and navigate forward.
  • Giving Control
    Your visitors should feel in control of how they navigate your website. Keeping the most relevant options in front of them will increase the likelihood they return, convert or tell others!

Benefits of a User’s Experience

The trust that your website engenders in your users also plays a part in the user experience. One of the biggest concerns users have online is security. Addressing these concerns through your design can help create a sense of credibility for the user. By showing your audience you actually understand what they need they won’t forget it and chances are they will tell others.