Dec. 21 2022

Marketing Trends: Predictions and Prep for 2023

The new year means new marketing trends! 2022 was filled with captivating videos, even faster load times than we thought possible, and the rise of storytelling success on social media. To help your brand start the year off right, we want to highlight some trends that are looking ready to grow and emerge in 2023.

Keep Up the Good Work

There are some trends from the past year that will… well… keep trending. Video marketing stands out in particular here. We have watched TikTok absolutely dominate in 2022, and it is not slowing down. In January of 2022, TikTok clocked 1 billion active monthly users¹. Throughout the year, this number grew to an estimated 1.8 million users². Similarly, on Instagram, Reels grew engagement rates on the app by 22%³. Clearly, there is no stopping the power of video, so be ready to grab a camera and get filming this year.

Marketing Trends: Predictions and Prep for 2023 - FYD Agency

Get Influenced: Influencer and User Marketing Trends

As social media has gained popularity, so have social media personalities and influencers. Brands have begun capitalizing on influencers to publicize their products via real people. In 2023, influencer marketing and user-generated content have the potential to make a big difference in your brand’s success.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a partnership between a brand and an individual. This individual tends to have a large social media following of people who belong to the brand’s target audience. Influencers typically have a more personal relationship with their followers. As a result, brands that use influencers can build greater trust with audiences while promoting brand awareness. This mutually beneficial marketing tactic is also cost-effective, as it grosses on average $5.20 for every dollar spent4

User-Generated Content

In a similar fashion, user-generated content like product unboxings, outfit of the day posts, and branded hashtags all contribute to building brand awareness in a reliable way; think of it as modern-day word-of-mouth. In fact, consumers reported that they are 2.4 times more likely to trust user-generated content than content created by brands5. Packaging your content in an exciting way, creating a trending hashtag, or posting taglines like “show us your unboxing,” can help spur effective user-generated content around your brand.

Increasing Interaction

Interactive and conversational content also seems to be rising in marketing trends in the coming year. Real-time messaging and interactive content can increase both brand connection and reliability. Interactive content like polls, games, quizzes, and contests are enticing ways to increase engagement and share info about your brand. These tactics are simple to include in your social strategies and can also contribute to building brand loyalty.

First, an easy process pays off, because 86% of buyers say they are willing to pay more for a great customer experience. Thus, instantaneous messaging platforms on websites are a great way to guide customers to quick answers to their questions. On the developer’s end, these conversation platforms can also help you better understand your audience’s behavior and improve your site based on your findings.

Taking a Stance: Marketing Trends for Brand Image

In the modern era, your brand image depends on more than just your products and your company’s internal affairs. This coming year, we may see consumers who are more heavily drawn to businesses that stand for the same principles they do. Buyers are also becoming increasingly more open to paying extra to do so. Specifically, 66% of consumers say they are willing to pay more for goods from brands that demonstrate social commitment5. By marketing and executing your brand’s promises to things like fair-trade resourcing, donating a share of proceeds, or providing safe and just working conditions, you can persuade consumers to choose your products over other alternatives.

A Fresh Start

The new year is a time for implementing new initiatives. Getting on board with even just one or two marketing trends can help make a big difference in your brand’s performance, engagement, and overall success. If you’re looking for help in executing a new year’s marketing resolution, FYD can help you capitalize on trends all year long. Contact us to kick off your brand’s fresh start.


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