Mar. 12 2018

Measurement Strategy for your Small Business

(Hint: It’s not that complicated)

Many of our small business clients let us install Google Analytics & customize the implementation without asking any questions. With all the hats you wear, of course analytics aren’t that important to you. Actually, analytics & measurement strategy are probably only buzzwords to you, yet they should be two of the most important tools in your box.

Think about it: Don’t you want to know if your business strategy is working? If so, the important questions you have as a business owner are at least directionally answered by web analytics. Here are some very general examples.

Business Strategy Question Analytics Question
What is the goal of the website? How many of my website visitors accomplish that goal?
Do I have a clear and compelling message? How many users confronted with that message take action?
Who is my target audience? Are the people coming to my website in that target audience?

Maybe you even have more business questions that are important to your strategy (A+ if so! We would love to hear about it.) A matrix like the one above translates directly into a measurement strategy for your small business. All it takes is for you to:

  1. Answer the business question according to your strategy
  2. Set a SMART goal for each corresponding analytics question

Voila, measurement strategy. Just make sure you can actually track the performance, and then start assessing whether you’re tracking towards your goal. Use dashboards to make it quick & easy to stay updated on your progress.

If you are meeting or exceeding it, another A+ to you. How will you translate that into growth? If you are not meeting the goals, evaluate (dare I say, test) what to change in order to meet them.

There! Now measurement strategy and analytics are not just buzzwords. Can we help with anything?