Nov. 15 2022

Motion Graphics in Marketing

Anddddd action! Animation and motion graphics are taking a commanding hold on the website and social marketing world. Whether they are used for entertainment or information distribution, motion graphics make enticing content that is simple to understand, all while benefitting your brand’s online presence.

If you’re still stuck on still-shot images, this blog may just change your mind and get you moving.

Animation vs. Motion Graphics

When you think of ‘animation,’ Shrek or Woody may come to mind…? Or maybe another one of your favorite film characters from renowned animation studios like Pixar and DreamWorks? While this type of traditional animation does occasionally branch into the marketing world, what is more commonly seen in marketing are motion graphics. 

Motion graphics are the middle ground between graphic design and traditional animation. These graphics can be text or image-based and are edited with motion design to give the elements an animated appearance.

Show-Stoppers on Social

There is no denying that static images have become out-of-style on social media. In the past year, TikTok and Reels have made video the new go-to. For this reason, motion graphics fit right in with social media trends, and can be applied in useful and effective ways.

Don’t You Forget About Me

Dynamic, moving content is naturally more intriguing than static images. It also is more impactful and memorable. Studies have shown that viewers remember 95% of content conveyed by video or motion graphics, but only 10% of content conveyed by a fixed, text-based image1

Therefore, when the content’s presentation is memorable, so is the content itself. Additionally, users engage with and share memorable content; this ultimately boosts your brand’s online presence.

Bring it to Life with Motion Graphics

Motion graphics and animations also have the power to bring to life concepts that are otherwise unable to be filmed.

For example, say a cosmetics company is looking to illustrate the production process for one of its products. However, it would not be simple, cost-efficient, or possible to physically film steps like the global cultivation of ingredients or the internal processes of a high-powered machine. So, they decide to animate it. They can use colors, voiceover messaging, and designs that align with their brand personality while successfully conveying their process in a captivating way.

Regardless, remember that on social media, the key is to keep things brief. Short, snappy animations typically do best. In addition, motion graphics autoplay on social media; this means they start playing automatically once in frame, so your video should grab viewers’ attention right off the bat.

Making a Difference Online

Motion graphics are not just game-changers on social media. When it comes to your website, movement makes a difference in your conversion rates and SEO. 

Watch This. Buy That. 

By including a digital animation on your website’s landing page, you can increase conversions by more than 70%2. How does this happen? About 65% of people are visual learners3. Therefore, when animation elevates a simple, text-based graphic, it is more intriguing to consume. This enticing, easy consumption makes the information more effective in persuading viewers to make a purchase.

Designing SEO Success

Meanwhile, when motion graphics and animations on your homepage entice visitors, they spend more time on your website. And what does increased time spent on a page lead to? Increased SEO rankings.

Similarly, remember earlier when we mentioned how quality content gets shared on social? The same can be said for your website. Online videos are shared about 1,200% more than text and still image ads combined2. Therefore, if you have an informative animation on your site that provides a simple explanation of something complex, it is likely to get referenced and backlinked. These shares and references mean that your content is helpful and reliable. Google will take note of this and boost your SEO ranking as a reward.

Get Moving with Motion Graphics

If you’re looking to bring your content to life, our team at FYD can help. We can elevate your online presence with motion graphics that will get you noticed. Ready to get moving?