Mar. 21 2018

Expectations of a Web Design Agency

How to test the agency you’re considering

Maybe you’re searching for a web design agency to start a new project or maybe you’re not happy with your existing agency. Let’s face it, sometimes it seems everyone is a web design expert. There’s a few things we’ve found that we feel should be a standard when looking for the right fit.

An agency’s background

You’ve found what seems to be an extremely knowledgeable company in everything web design, but here are a few things to look into outside of the list of services offered:

  • Does their work showcase a style that may fit your brand? If not, are their examples wide ranging enough in style to fit your vision?
  • Are the design examples mobile friendly?
  • Run some of their websites through a PageSpeed test to see how their work performs in the wild.
  • Today’s word of mouth extends into reviews. Do they have any recent reviews or recommendations on their social channels?
  • Ask if they have ongoing projects with their clients. You should feel comfortable in building a relationship with your web design agency to help you grow as your business does.
  • Send a general inquiry email and test the waters on how responsive they are. If your initial communications are slow, imagine how it will be three weeks into your first project.

Web Design Agency Process

Process is important

There are many factors that are taken into consideration for even an informational based website, at least there should be! It’s not always necessary to know every task involved in creating an amazing website but start out with asking about their process:

  • What are your first steps before starting a project?
  • Is research and wire-framing involved prior to design?
  • Will you have access to a beta website to collaborate on before launch?
  • When is SEO taken into consideration and what do you need to start with?
  • What considerations are taken for analytics? Can they help with a walk through and setting goals if needed?

You should have a very clear understanding of the milestones involved in every project. What deliverables you’re expected to provide and how long it will take to achieve each step in the process to launch.

A web design agency should be flexible

Recall the saying “no two snowflakes are alike?” This is true in every project. The more information you can share on your expectations for your website the better. This can help your web design agency with offering solutions to help you get there. You may have a short term goal of launching an informational website first and plan on selling products a year from now. Sharing your goals can help with choosing the right platform build your website with and in some cases how the design phase is approached.

There’s plenty of factors when looking for the right web design agency for your business and you should feel confident in your decision. If you’re still a little uncertain, we’re glad to help with any questions you may have.