Feb. 9 2016

Hiring the right designer

Have you heard or experienced first hand one of the following scenarios?

  • You’ve hired a designer and it takes months to complete the promised materials.
  • Your web designer built your website, it “kind of works”, and now you can’t get ahold of them.
  • You’ve paid a designer that promised “XY & Z” but they are now having difficulty just getting through “AB & C”.

It’s unfortunate occurrences like these that can make the thought of finding a professional designer / agency seem like a daunting or just undesirable task. Fear not! There’s a few ways to weed out the bad and find the right fit for you. You just have to ask the right questions during the courting process.

Be prepared

Notes on your brand

Before you start your search there are a few key points you should have together that will help you narrow your search for the right designer.

If, for instance, you’re in need of a new website you should have an idea of who your visiting audience is or will be, what information they need to find when visiting your website and what the end goal of their visit should be (ie. Contact us, purchase a product, etc.). Just having that bit of prepared information will help when looking for the right fit to collaborate on building your vision.

Ask questions


Whether you’re tech savvy or not you should have a strategy for what questions to ask when looking for the right fit for your project. Ask for specific examples of work that may fit what you’re hoping to accomplish. How the process worked with previous projects. Do they have on going relationships with client projects? Can they provide multiple solutions for the task at hand? With your target audience, what solutions would they provide to help draw them in to accomplish more conversions?

Being able to establish the right team to help bring your vision to life will be a cornerstone of how successful the results are. Whether you’re hiring someone full time or in need of an agency to be your “creative services” department, you should feel confident in their abilities and how they will help you grow. They should offer plenty of solutions to help you achieve your end goals and lend their experience to explain why certain concepts work and why others may not.