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What’s the purpose of a website without marketing? The foundation of digital marketing are SEO & analytics, which is why we always develop each site with the basics and offer services to help our clients optimize & learn.

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Too often, web designers build sites that are pretty to use, but difficult to advertise. We prefer to set our clients up for success by attacking the foundational digital marketing pieces at the start. Every ForYouDesign website comes with a customized implementation of Google Analytics and SEO setup before launch.

What does that mean? It means we don’t slap a Google Analytics code on the site and leave the data to collect. Instead, we configure custom filters & event tracking to help you collect the data that’s most important. We also don’t wait to be told how to optimize for organic search. We work with you on the keyword strategy during the design phase and build it into the website during the development.

Of course, launch is only the beginning of a brand’s journey. SEO takes time, especially for new brands, and we often continue optimizing a website for several months after launch. This service comes with hands-on technical & content changes, regular reporting and analysis, and customized recommendations.

Perhaps most importantly, however, we realize that marketing isn’t limited to SEO & Analytics. We are prepared to help beyond the website with channels like paid search, email, and social media, whether you need us to manage them totally or to analyze the results & provide recommendations.


  • Custom GA Implementation
  • Keyword Research
  • On-Page SEO Alignment
  • Search Console setup


  • Content Optimization
  • Technical Adjustments
  • Campaign Synergies
  • Ongoing Reporting & Research


  • Regular Customer Insights
  • Marketing Portfolio Review
  • Testing Plans
  • Personalized Recommendations

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