Oct. 20 2021

For a Successful Social Media Campaign

“I saw the funniest tweet today!” … ”Did you see their last Instagram post?” … ”I saw on Linkedin that you started a new job!” … Not a day goes by where we don’t mention something we saw on social media. The share button is slowly becoming the new “word of mouth.” If your company doesn’t have an ongoing social media campaign, it’s inevitable that you will miss out on potential customers. With so many platforms to choose from, it’s hard to decide where to begin. No matter your business or target audience, a successful social media strategy is out there, and we have tips to help you find it.

Less is More

When it comes to a social media campaign, bigger isn’t always better. As much as it may seem advantageous to get the word out on every social platform, it’s better to narrow your presence and focus on sites that will bring you relevant views. The best way to do this is to consider who you’re trying to reach.

Who Is Your Audience?

The joke that everyone’s Aunt Betty is on Facebook does have some merit. Each social media site has common audience demographics and understanding them can help you focus on which platforms to be active on. Who do you want to connect with? What groups of people may want your product or service? Will getting your posts in front of friends & family on Instagram help grow your business or would it be better to focus on reaching your business connections on LinkedIn?  Once you can identify your audience, find them on the social media platform they frequent. 


But remember to stay on your feet and be ready to pivot. Your target audience today may not be your target audience a year from now. Always revisit your marketing strategies and make adjustments as needed, even if that means hopping on a new platform.

social media campaign

Maximize your Media

Once you’ve decided which social media platforms to build your following on, what next? Focusing on the details and taking advantage of the features each site has to offer will help you get the most out of your social media marketing.

Building a Following

Since you’re going to be posting, it does help to have a few followers. To get started, put your friends and family in the know; invite them to like your page, mass text/email your @handle, plug your socials on your website, anything you can do to get the word out. Once you have a good base, that will help make you relevant. The more relevant you become, the broader your reach will be.

Platform Features

Since you won’t be on every social site, take advantage of all the features of the ones you are on. Whether it’s utilizing Instagram stories or crafting a catchy ‘About’ summary on Linkedin, doing the little things will build and boost your social media presence.


You can build brands with a voice the same way you do with logos and graphics. Is your team fun yet professional, silly yet confident, or maybe energetic yet composed? Reflect that in the way you write. Social media is supposed to connect you with your clients, customers, and the public, so write in a way that authentically conveys your company’s personality. And don’t forget about your target audience and platform. Craft captions your audience will resonate with (but stay appropriate with regard to the site you’re on).


Stock is best kept in soup. When it comes to social media, authenticity beats stock-looking photos any day. Spotlight your employees and clients, create custom graphics, and don’t be afraid to post a few fun pics from inside the office. Keeping it real, simple, personal, and professional will pay off.


Don’t do all this work without seeing the pay-off. Some social media sites have internal performance analytics that show post details. There are also ways to track how many of your website users came from social media. Your performance information will help you make changes, keep doing what you’re doing well, and, overall, keep your socials on the track to success. If you’re looking to really optimize your social media presence and learn new strategies, FYD offers performance analysis, reporting, and recommendation services to help you get the most out of your posts.

Even if you’re not on social media, the rest of the world is, so use it! You never know, maybe you’ll be the next influencer or TikTok star…Okay, maybe that’s not part of your plan, but if you’re looking to up your business’s social media presence, start here.